Our signature brick oven cooks pizza quickly,

locking in freshness and flavor,while creating a light,

 crispy crust that can't be duplicated.


 Add a side Anna's house salad or side Caesar Salad for only 1.99


Anna’s Cheese Pizza


Piccola (12”)              

Grande (16”)   13   

Sicilian (16x16 square)   15


Additional Toppings: Pepperoni * Ham * Roasted Red Peppers*Artichokes *Olives *Mushrooms *Fresh Garlic *Italian Sausage * Banana Peppers*Caramelized Onions * Anchovy* Gorgonzola*Ricotta Cheese*Red Onion *Sun-dried Tomatoes*Pineapple *Fresh Tomatoes *Meatballs

Additional Specialty Toppings: Fresh Mozzarella *Eggplant * Spinach *Prosciutto *Chicken* Broccoli * Bacon




Combo                     Piccola  14     Grande 21   Sicilian  22

Pepperoni, Italian Sausage,

Mushrooms, Green Peppers,

Black Olives, Onions and Anchovies


Hawaiian                  Piccola 10   Grande 15    Sicilian 17

Ham and Pineapple


Meatlover                   Piccola 12   Grande 19   Sicilian 21

Pepperoni, Italian sausage, Ham and Meatballs


Vegetable                   Piccola 12  Grande 17   Sicilian 20

Mushrooms, Tomatoes,Green Peppers,

Black Olives  and Onions



Specialty Pizzas


Margherita                 Piccola 11  Grande 15

Pizza sauce, Fresh mozzarella,

Tomatoes and Basil



Quattro Stagioni           Piccola 12   Grande 18

Pizza sauce, Mushrooms,

Artichokes, Ham, Tomatoes and

Mozzarella Cheese


Capricciosa                  Piccola 12    Grande 18

Pizza sauce sausage, ham, mushrooms,

mozzarella cheese and roasted red peppers


BBQ Chicken Pizza       Piccola 14   Grande 19

Homemade bbq sauce,

caramelized onions, chicken,

mozzarella & american cheese



Spinach Pizza               Piccola 13   Grande 17

Garlic, Olive Oil, Ricotta,

Mozzarella and Spinach


Pesto Chicken                 Piccola 14   Grande 19

Grilled chicken breast with

genovese pesto sauce, onions,

Mozzarella , sun-dried tomatoes


Saporita Pizza                  Piccola 15  Grande 21

Grilled chicken, roasted peppers,

eggplant, mushroom, olive oil

and mozzarella cheese


Pizza Bianca Neve            Piccola 11    Grande 14

Garlic, olive oil , ricotta mozzarella


Pizza Favorita                   Piccola 12   Grande 16

Garlic, Olive Oil, Ricotta and

Italian Sausage


Pizza Mira Mare                Piccola 15   Grande 22

Olive oil, Shrimp, Scallops, spinach,

tomatoes, garlic, mozzarella



Stromboli      9

Mozzarella  and pizza sauce baked in a tender Italian crust.

Add as many extras as you like, 1.00 for each additional topping, 2.00 for each specialty topping  

Calzone        9

Ricotta and mozzarella cheese baked in a tender Italian crust.

Add as many extras as you like,1.00  for each additional topping, 2.00 for each specialty topping.